Founded by cinematographer and film maker Dmitry Chislov in 2013, Cool Coconut Studios now unites one of most talented media creators, traveling worldwide and capturing world through their cameras. Since it’s start, Cool Coconut Team developed projects for many different companies including BMW, Nike, Red Bull, ESPN, GoDaddy, and many more. And today, we continue to work on brand-new ideas with great passion, bringing amazing and truly unique projects to life.

We are really proud of our work. We are Cool Coconut Studios, and with our obsession with movie making, passion and creativity, personal touch and substantial attention to details, we strive to forge a truly remarkable film piece.



4K Video Production.
high level production services with true customizability.

Whether it is a short film or a commercial video for a corporate project, we provide hight-quality videos up to 4K in resolution, meaning you are getting 4 times better quality than from standard Full HD. We prepare the scene, shoot the material, get the footage ready and then edit it. If there is no soundtrack, we write it too. We use true cinema 4K cameras and professional effects to give an exclusive look to our videos. For interviews, sound recording and green screen action, we always use our studio.

Wedding films.
They should have soul.

To create best wedding film possible, we pay attention to every detail, and to every second of your favorite moment using our special techniques for best cinematic looks. Telling individually meaningful stories is our greatest hobby, so your event will be captured with the great passion and delivered with it’s true aesthetics.

Aerial films.
FAA Certified and insured.

We also offer a worldwide professional film production and photography services from the air. Our operators are one of the few FAA licensed pilots in the world that are able to fly commercially. Using state of the art UAVs/drones equipped with GPS & Sonar ultrasonic frequency systems for unmatched stabilization in the air, paired with our dual operator setup we can achieve top-of-the-notch Cinema Quality video.

Write. Shoot. Edit. Repeat.
Quality team for quality tasks.

Our studio features professional equipment for making top-of-the-line videos, as well as gear for freestyle videography. It’s always important to have the necessary gear to experiment with styles and looks, and that’s why we can improvise and shoot pretty much anything.

Some people’s life would fit into a hundred-page album. Others would need a 24 hour filming crew. The world is your perception, It only depends on how many frames per breath you can take.

-Nik Street, Cool Coconut Co-Founder



Our cool coconut creative heroes are always open to all ideas, so get in touch and see if we’re a good match!

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