Founded by cinematographer and film maker Dmitry Chislov in 2013, Cool Coconut Studios now unites one of most talented media creators, traveling worldwide. Since it’s start, this team developed projects for BMW, Space-X, Nike, Red Bull, Royal Caribbean, and many more. Today, we continue to work on new ideas with great passion, bringing amazing and truly unique projects to life and providing top of the line video production solutions, digital content for brands, agencies and creatives.

We are really proud of our work. We are Cool Coconut Studios, and with our obsession with movie making, passion and creativity, personal touch and substantial attention to details, we strive to forge a truly remarkable film piece.



This is what we offer

complete production suite
high level and true customizability.

Our team specializes in numerous creative projects including commercials, social media videos, marketing spots, music videos, fashion, corporate and many other projects. We offer only the most outstanding vision, flexibility and quality control, so your content will be captured and showcased in the very best way possible.

Up to 8K in resolution
true cinema quality

Shooting with our RED Digital Cinema cameras gives us a huge latitude in achieving a desired look. Whether it is a short film or a commercial project, we are capable of producing films in up to 8K resolution, meaning you are getting up to 8 times better quality than from standard Full HD. Any content. In the best resolution.

Aerial films.
Worldwide professional film and photo production from the air.

Our operators are one of the few FAA licensed pilots in the world that are able to fly commercially. Using state of the art UAVs/drones equipped with GPS & Sonar ultrasonic frequency systems for unmatched stabilization in the air, paired with our dual operator setup, we can achieve top-of-the-line cinema quality media.

Write. Shoot. Edit. Repeat.
Everything for anything.

Our team features full production capabilities, meaning we can take care of your project from start to finish: concept development, writing, coordinating, production, post-production and delivery. Having this in-house control over our projects allows us to supervise the smallest details, delivering the best product possible.

Some people’s life would fit into a hundred-page album. Others would need a 24 hour filming crew. The world is your perception, It only depends on how many frames per breath you can take.

-Nik Street, Cool Coconut Co-Founder




Our cool coconut creative heroes are always open to all ideas, so get in touch and see if we’re a good match!

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